• Is it not it a fantastic vision to sip a delicious cocktail on a tropical beach during sunrise and see how slowly the world is awakening ?! Our new Matahari Bar is a symbol of the awakening out of a bad dream. How long have we been waiting for the business to get better again? Now the time has come and we have fertilized our fields and stocked up our warehouses to bring in a rich harvest. The sunrise is our mascot! Matahari Bar. The top is made of stored suar, the corpus is patchwork of recycled bali boat wood. Size 270x65x115cm, price 10,125,000 idr

    On some days brings you diana hunting lucky. you walk along a lonely beach and suddenly you find this herlichen raw material. Fishermen have parked their old boats, old and halved boats here and wait for a buyer.

    When I was still living in Germany, every few months I traveled to Bali to buy racks from old fishing boats - that was 15 years ago. At that time the boats were still completely unknown. I brought them to the man on furniture shows and in my shops. It became clear to me, the more boats you exhibit, the more you sell. I always had about 20 boats on the shows and placed them in 2 groups. That was very impressive. I also knew from my shop that if you want to sell a boat every day you have to offer at least 20. if you have only 2-3 it might happen that you do not sell one for weeks.

    The demand for boats, which in the meantime also existed as wine racks or cabinets with doors, as sofas, etc., became so great that at some point it became necessary for me to be permanently on site in Bali. My son, max threw my shop and I had emigrated quite unnoticed. I was on the ball, wherever there were fresh boats I was there. Believe it or not, in the best of times we sold up to 500 boats a month.

    By than I had built up my own international export in Bali. I then sold boats worldwide, but overall still more to Germany than to all other countries together. It will remain an eternal rumble to me why the Germans are so crazy on boats. In the meantime, many have jumped on this train and it is no longer possible to find more than 100 nice boats per month - but I'm also much more selective now. I still have the most beautiful horses in the stall. I still love them and it's a pleasure to hunt them. I'm feeling bored when i'm not hunting the boats. Where i hunt them? On the beaches and in hidden places in the jungle. Lets see which is the next country getting crazy on boats. I estimate it could become Russia, there are signs of addictions on the sky of Moscow.

    Matahari coffee table
    Matahari wall panel
    Drum art sideboard with 2 doors
    Documents shelf with a lot of drawers

    How do you like this cabinet?

    Making more and more matahari styles until the sun really rises again in the world of business. I know, in this times are many people spend their times with real sunrises somewhere on a nice beach. If somebody has an idea what else we can make in the matahari style, please let us know. If we like your idea we will produce it and mention you in the blog.

    Dear customers

    We wish you all a happy and successful new year!

    By the way: we have reinstalled the product category New Designs into our website. We had taken it out because we wanted to make it more difficult for copiers to steal our ideas. But if someone wants to copy you, he will find a way anyway. So we prefare to show open what we are able to create. It’s more important for us to make sure that our customer can find what’s new with one click!

    In the last months we have released a lot of new dsigns and that goes on and on, and some really great ideas will follow soon. As mentioned, you will find New Designs in the main menu.

    Oh yeah, our name is all off the boat, so everything should be made of boat wood!? Yes, it was so, but now we are going to fall a little bit out of the ramen and make a new collection from old Indonesian colonial doors. We call it colonial style because all the doors are from the Dutch colonial era in Indonesia.

    More than 10 years ago we already traded in these beautiful antique shutters. Back then some crazy people used them to decorate house facades, or as wall decoration in interiors. The topic has been topical again for some time and so we made sideboards and cabinets with just such doors. These old shutters were traditionally used in colonial buildings in the tropics. The demand for the shutters fits in wonderfully with the revival of the colonial style.

    We are sell shutters at square meters.

    Here we show you the new promising shutter-rack collection! we have combined the successful bathroom racks with the shutter cabinets. This connection can be designed in many ways, e.g. vertical or horizontal with more or less shutter doors. The arrangement is entirely up to you, below you will find some of the many possible combinations.

    We are all worried about the freight prices and nobody knows how long it will go on. There is no evil intention behind these evil prices, it is simply the case that due to the pandemic and the resulting economic difficulties, there is less shipping traffic and therefore empty ships and empty containers are sent back and forth in order to be able to send goods at all.

    Unfortunately this is very bad, but please keep in mind that it is still better to work with less profit than not doing any business at all, which means that you completely lose your customers because you have nothing more to offer.

    Maybe you can increase your prices appropriately. we are sure that many of your customers will understand that if you explain the reason to them.

    For our part, we have started to redesign some of our furniture in knockdown format. First of all, we offer you the popular max chair and max sofa. by knocking down these two items you can save up to 50% volume. so try out a few samples, meanwhile we're thinking about other models.

    Best Regards
    AFB Team

    From now on, all boat-shaped furniture made from the tips of the boats will cost 10% more. we have to increase the prices because we hardly find discarded wooden boats in our area. We have already started buying them from other islands, which of course costs more. The price increase applies to orders from now on and for our stock from October 25th :

    Reservations must be deposited as usual and collected within 2 months.

    Increased price for items below :

    - boat shelves
    - Boat half a wine
    - Boot 5 drawer
    - Boot Pintu
    - Boat glass doors with point (single & double)
    - Boat sofas (single, double, full and extra wide)
    - Boat coffee tables
    - Boat consoles
    - etc.