• About All From Boats

    All From Boats is committed to supply exceptional quality and eco friendly reclaimed boat wood furniture to B2B and B2C customers. Our first premise is to use only orginal recycled and reclaimed boat wood to build any furniture. For us it is the best way to archive an authenic look with real colors and patina. On the other hand it helps to save the planet's resources.

    To build recycled furniture from old Bali boats we have a huge network of wood suppliers. They collect the broken boats directly from the fishermen and deliver it to our factories in Bali and Java. The process to build furniture from reclaimed wood starts with selecting pieces with a matching color and the right size. So each Bali boat furniture is unique and has diffenrent colors. We take photos of each finished piece, making it comfortable for you to select.

    Furniture from old boats can be provided in small and big quantities. We always have a huge ready stock for fast orders which you can explore online here.
    What is not on stock you can order from us.
    See our our order samples here.

    Kurt and his passion for boats and colors

    My name is Kurt Eichorn and I'm a German living in Bali and Java, Indonesia. I have a passion for the sea, design and colors. I have been buying Bali boats from Indonesia to create beautiful recycled boat wood furniture for over 20 years. I began with Bali boat shaped furniture and later developed all kind of furniture made from reclaimed wood.

    The latest devolepment are furniture from old iron drums. Again wonderful colors and unique pieces. Explore them here.

    Hunting for the broken boats and the old iron drums with the best colors is not only a profession - it is a passion. I love everything about the process; the search, the travel, the villages and the people.

    Thank you for visiting All From Boats.

    Kurt Eichorn