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    Thank you for using the All From Boats website! As with all things technical, sometimes errors do occur. Please check the list below for common issues. If you don't see a solution, please contact the All From Boats webmaster.

    ISSUE 1: I can't log in!

    Solution 1: It is very important to type in your user name and password EXACTLY as they were created. Both are case sensitive - meaning lower or uppercase letter are checked by the system. Its a good idea to keep a copy of the user name and password in a text file on your system. Then, you only need to copy and paste.

    Solution 2: Copy and paste! BUT, be very careful not to pick up extra blank spaces. Each blank space is seen as a character by the website authentication software.

    Solution 3: All From Boats does not allow access through PROXY SERVERS. A proxy server is a software that masks your actual location. This is done for many reasons, some of which are legitimate. However, it is our policy to deny access through proxy servers.

    Solution 4: If you forgot your user name

    Solution 5: If you forgot your password

    ISSUE 2: How do I become a member?

    Solution 1: All From Boats is very selective with whom itr grants membership to. If you feel you and your company meet the requirements for theis exclusive family, please CLICK HERE and send All from Boats your request. Please include the following information:

    1. Your complete business address including name and country
    2.  Your company website URL
    3. Products your company sells
    4. Minimum order is $2000 USD

    ISSUE 3: I sent an email and no one replied!

    FPS Solution 1: All From Boats gets hundreds of emails per day. On rare occasion, some emails do get missed or may not make it through our firewall.

    If you have an urgent order related issue, please phone us at: +62 82146970071

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