Max sofa and chair knock down

We are all worried about the freight prices and nobody knows how long it will go on. There is no evil intention behind these evil prices, it is simply the case that due to the pandemic and the resulting economic difficulties, there is less shipping traffic and therefore empty ships and empty containers are sent back and forth in order to be able to send goods at all.

Unfortunately this is very bad, but please keep in mind that it is still better to work with less profit than not doing any business at all, which means that you completely lose your customers because you have nothing more to offer.

Maybe you can increase your prices appropriately. we are sure that many of your customers will understand that if you explain the reason to them.

For our part, we have started to redesign some of our furniture in knockdown format. First of all, we offer you the popular max chair and max sofa. by knocking down these two items you can save up to 50% volume. so try out a few samples, meanwhile we're thinking about other models.

Best Regards
AFB Team

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