• Price increase of some boat shaped furniture

    Posted by novliana wula
    August 21, 2023

    From now on, all boat-shaped furniture made from the tips of the boats will cost 10% more. we have to increase the prices because we hardly find discarded wooden boats in our area. We have already started buying them from other islands, which of course costs more. The price increase applies to orders from now on and for our stock from October 25th :

    Reservations must be deposited as usual and collected within 2 months.

    Increased price for items below :

    - boat shelves
    - Boat half a wine
    - Boot 5 drawer
    - Boot Pintu
    - Boat glass doors with point (single & double)
    - Boat sofas (single, double, full and extra wide)
    - Boat coffee tables
    - Boat consoles
    - etc.